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Small Moves Ceramics

Elsa Woerner is the artist behind Small Moves Ceramics.  She is a first generation immigrant from Bolivia who until recently, focused her career in the world of finance.  She fell in love with clay and all that it can represent in one's life.  Clay is a piece of the Earth and until it is fired, it goes through many processes to become a lamp, an altar or a mug.  LIke one's journey in life, it changes and grows through the metaphorical fire.  While she aims to make beautiful pieces, Elsa focuses on the high vibration while making each piece and is guided by what and how the clay wants to represent itself.   Her inspiration for her pieces is to bring light into a dark place, be it a room, a hallway, or your heart, hence her focus on mini lamps, altars and incense holders.  They all spark a light in some form or other.  Her wish is for you to connect to a piece and see yourself in it, as part of this Earth, perfectly imperfect.