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The Minimalist Ceramist

Tess Kress, the artist behind The Minimalist Ceramist, was born and raised in Novato, CA. She first turned to pottery in 2021 when she was in need of a creative outlet after spending two years navigating the pandemic with two young children and immediately fell in love. She became a member of her local studio and has since built a home studio where she spends as much time creating as motherhood will allow. Her favorite pieces to create are those which bring the outdoors in. Her signature creation, The Shelf of Inspiration, is designed to encourage a connection with nature and the exploration of the outdoors. “My 7yo was in need of a special space to keep the acorns, rocks and pinecones that had taken over every surface of our home. Once I made the prototype and filled it with his treasures I realized how much joy and inspiration they brought me as well. I believe every child, and child at heart, deserves to have the items that bring them joy off the counter and on display.”